As most of you know by now, the week of November 28th, massive wildfires, caused by arson, swept through the Smoky Mountains and the town of Gatlinburg, causing catastrophic damage to many properties, and even worse, the loss of 16 lives.

But no fire can burn hot enough to kill the spirit of the people of East Tennessee. This is our home, and we will rebuild, and we will be stronger than ever.

We are thankful to say that the Bearskin Lodge was spared destruction. Dirty and covered in soot? Yes. In need of repair? Yes. But nothing that we couldn’t handle. Like the people of Gatlinburg, the Bearskin Lodge is mountain tough, and we have worked hard so we can get back to serving you.

We did it for the love of the mountains, for the love of Gatlinburg, and for the love of you, our wonderful customers who sustain us through these tough times.

Since the wildfires, we have had a complete cleanup of the property inside and out. We’re like brand new! So we invite you to come back to Gatlinburg, get back to the mountains, and get back to enjoying this wonderful way of life.

Mountain tough!

Mountain Tough