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shopping in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg Shopping is an Adventure

DATE : July 22, 2016

The Bearskin Lodge is located at the ideal location for Gatlinburg visitors to experience the many unique shops and tourist attractions along the main strip. Whether you're searching for necessities on your list, tasty treats, or a totally unique and thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift to thrill a friend or a loved one, you'll find many interesting options when you go Gatlinburg shopping. It's an adventure walking the streets of the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Loop, and along the scenic Parkway.

Many of the shops in Gatlinburg are unique to the area. You'll be able to watch craftsmen as they work creating masterpieces in pottery, make original handmade glass sculptures, pendants and marbles. Jewelry designers craft exclusive pieces from natural stones and gemstones, which are then placed in settings that are unrivaled in creativity by any large chain jewelry supplier. You have choices in downtown Gatlinburg of shopping for unique arts and crafts items, or searching for great buys at a top bargain outlet mall.

Gift Giving is Easier With so many Unique Options

You'll find a terrific assortment of gifts among culinary delights like assorted hot sauces, homemade candies, jellies, jams, marinades, teas and even gourmet dog treats for beloved pooches. Or, try something truly different like jerky treats made from interesting ingredients like pineapple, alligator, buffalo, wild boar, elk, Tibetan Yak or antelope. Specialized olive oils and vinegar's tempt the taste buds and help any budding chef to come up with culinary creations.

There are many choices in handcrafted items from creative jewelry pieces to handmade leather items like holsters, purses, belts and guitar straps, to lace creations and quilts. Lovers of old-time arts are thrilled by exhibits of spinning and glass blowing, done by professional artisans. You'll notice that variety is the name of the game in your many choices of accessories, clothing, t-shirts, outerwear and footwear. Women's clothing runs a gamut from ritzy, boutique styles to casual yoga wear.

Handcrafted Gift Items or Choose Something for Yourself

A delightful selection of handcrafted gift items will have you yearning for the days when fine handcrafted items were more common. Browse from a selection of holiday decor, ornaments, American Indian work done in Southwestern style, fireplace accessories and mantles, home decor made from glass stones and wire, porcelain creations, carvings made with chain saws, paintings, and handmade candles.

Everything from garden flags to Russian dolls to coveted collectibles from Sheila's, Department 56 and other famous designers can be found in the shops in Gatlinburg. You'll appreciate the skillful craftsmanship of individually carved wooden items like birdhouses, bears, baskets, step stools and old-fashioned games. You'll have a memorable time not only browsing the unique items, but talking to the shopkeepers and learning fascinating stories behind the creations as well.

Sports Enthusiasts Find a Wealth of Options

Sports lovers can find items for hiking, fishing, gear for the outdoors, ski necessities, outdoor lifestyle footwear, and a store devoted entirely to tennis. There you'll find racquets, high quality tennis balls, court shoes, and many exclusive items by name brand manufacturers.

You'll also discover a variety of exceptional quality leather and western wear from manufacturers like Tony Lama, Lucchese, Dan Post, Ariat and Harley Davidson. You can even wait while your name is hand-stamped onto a leather belt, or have fun choosing your perfect cowboy hat!

Browsing Galleries Just like Stepping Back in Time

Art galleries feature creations with themes unique to the Smoky Mountains like moonshiners, quilters and pioneers of the mountains. You'll find stunning photography works like landscape photography and portrait photography that will take your breath away. Paintings in watercolor and oil stir your emotions and take your imagination on a roller coaster ride.

You'll also discover galleries featuring art glass, porcelain, antiques, luxurious French stoneware called Lalique and Faberge items. Pottery creations and specialty silk painting are other truly unusual items you'll find in downtown Gatlinburg. Many items are created exclusively by Tennessee artists.

Pampering Begins With Unique items from Luxury Shops

Pamper yourself with fine gift items like handmade soaps, bathing supplies, lotions and luxury items imported from Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Kilts, tartans, woolen sweaters, accessories and family heritage items are some of the unique items you'll find. You'll even discover items for pampering the special man in your life, like cigar humidors, hand carved pipes, homemade chewing tobacco, lighters and flasks.

For those special kids you adore, try having personalized music, books and cartoon creations made just for them! They'll be thrilled to find their name in songs, on DVD's and infused into Nursery Rhymes. Special kids are made to feel like stars with thoughtful, personalized gifts. You'll also find personalized drawings for family, kids, and pets, along with customized photo matting.

Relax and Enjoy a Treat

After you're done browsing, or right in the middle of the day, stop and enjoy treats like ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, soft serve, banana splits and melt-in-your-mouth funnel cakes. Some of the shopping areas like the Mountain Mall also feature an indoor, climate controlled setting when you need to take a relaxing break on hot days.

Enjoy touring a whiskey distillery, a moonshine distillery or the Smokey Mountain Brewery or Smoky Mountain Winery. Love homemade caramels or caramel apples? You'll find those too, in addition to treats like honey or cinnamon German style cashews, pecans or almonds.

Dedicated Shoppers and Casual Browsers Love Shopping in Downtown Gatlinburg

Downtown Gatlinburg is a virtual shopper's Shangri-La. It doesn't matter if you are a serious devoted shopper or a casual browser. Everyone can find something to love in the quaint shops situated along the brick streets, which help to create an old-world atmosphere. There's nothing else like the experience of watching true artisans create their masterpieces in person. It's fascinating to watch them work, and even better to buy an item you've just watched being made.

Thrill to the beauty of the creative works of local artisans, and stop to enjoy a delicious treat of homemade candy and fudge. Pick up souvenirs, gifts or a new creation you can't find anywhere else. A delightful Gatlinburg shopping experience awaits the adventurous on the streets of downtown.