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ole smoky candy kitchen in gatlinburg

Top 3 Candy Shops in Gatlinburg That Have the Best Smoky Mountain Taffy

DATE : August 23, 2022

You may not immediately think of candy when you think about visiting the Smokies, but there are several candy stores in the area! They are known for hand making all different kinds of delicious sweet treats. Whether you prefer chocolates or fruity candies, you’ll find the perfect one at these shops! One of the most popular sweets is taffy, and they come in a variety of flavors! Here are the top 3 candy shops in Gatlinburg that have the best Smoky Mountain taffy:

1. Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen

smoky mountain candy kitchenOle Smoky Candy Kitchen is known for their homemade taffy. Instead of the little oval shaped taffies, you can enjoy their candy in a log shape! People from all over the world visit this little candy shop in Gatlinburg, and one of the most exciting parts is being able to watch the candy makers create taffy right before your eyes! They are one of the only candy makers that still pull taffy using a vintage machine that you can watch from the window! Some of the flavors you will find include banana, vanilla, and wintergreen. Ole Smoky also has sugar free taffy in a variety of flavors, as well as moonshine flavored taffies in apple pie, white lightnin’, and more. Not only is there taffy, there are plenty of other candies you’ll want to try, from truffles to fudge. Anyone with a sweet tooth will have a great time browsing through the aisles at this candy store!

2. Kilwin’s Chocolates

Another candy shop in Gatlinburg that sells Smoky Mountain taffy is Kilwin’s Chocolates. You may not think a store with chocolate in its name would have this type of candy, but they do! You will find an assortment of flavors, including banana, vanilla, chocolate, lime, and much more. Another treat you’ll want to try are tuttles, a candy made of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. Get a huge slice of fudge in your favorite flavor, or try some of their caramel corn or brittle. You can’t go wrong with marshmallow candies, truffles, creams, toffee, or caramel apples. Of course, Kilwin’s is also known for their signature ice cream, and the recipe hasn’t changed since they opened in 1985! Get it in a cup or a cone topped with your favorite sprinkles or nuts. Kilwin’s is a great place to go when you want taffy or another sweet treat!

3. Aunt Mahalia’s Homemade Candies

Aunt Mahalia's candy shop in Gatlinburg.If you want delicious Smoky Mountain taffy, then you need to visit Aunt Mahalia’s Homemade Candies. This candy store in Gatlinburg is located in the Mountain Mall, and you’ll have a blast walking around the shop. Since you’re looking for taffy, you will find a few bags of assorted taffy logs in some of the most popular flavors. They also have tart taffy in little oval shapes and sugar free taffy selections. You can’t go wrong with Smoky Mountain taffy, but it’s not the only candy you’ll find at Aunt Mahalia’s! Colorful candies will catch your eye, along with the assortment of chocolates in display cases. They have old fashioned candy sticks in dozens of flavors, as well as classic treats like divinity, fruit jellies, and fudge. You’ll also find caramel apples, pecan logs, caramels, creams, and truffles. No matter what you like, you’ll find it at Aunt Mahalia’s!

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Now you know where the best Smoky Mountain taffy is in Gatlinburg! You’ll have a great time browsing through these candy shops while you’re in town. Trying to decide what else you will do when you stay with us? Check out these other Gatlinburg attractions!