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photo of wedding bands for a Gatlinburg wedding

Why So Many People Choose To Have A Gatlinburg Wedding

DATE : May 5, 2017

The quintessential wedding destination of the South, Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the picturesque gateway to the sprawling Smoky Mountain State Park and several mountaintop attractions. With an abundance of unique venues, lodging, accommodations, and photo shoot opportunities; it is no wonder that couples are flocking in mass to wed in the heart of the Appalachian Trail. Gatlinburg offers a bounty of wedding essentials, including onsite honeymoons, which make it a distinct and memorable choice for a destination wedding. 


Choosing a Chapel


For starters, there is no shortage of glorious chapels to choose from. Embrace the woodsy aesthetic of Gatlinburg at one of the many log chapels, choose from a selection of traditional white clapboard churches, or simply tie the knot under the warm southern sun. Chapel on the Glen, Cataract Falls, and Mountain Valley Wedding Chapel are popular destinations amongst wedding couples, but they are far from the only selections in the area. 


Local Accommodations


The popularity of area weddings makes it easy to find all the wedding essentials in Gatlinburg. For starters, area restaurants and caterers offer a splendid array of dining options for any size event. While not mandatory, southern style barbecue is a popular, tasty menu choice. Centerpieces, bouquets, table settings, and cake can be obtained locally. Moreover, natural wonders, such as waterfalls, vistas, and cascading landscapes, are commonplace in Gatlinburg. 

If there is one thing that a bride and groom cannot go without here, a photographer is it. With a lush natural backdrop, images of newlyweds in Gatlinburg are a gorgeous memento of a memorable wedding. Plus, the vast, uninhibited mountains are symbolically pure and simple and help to ease the tension that often comes from planning and coordinating a wedding. 

Cabins, motels, hotels, and even campgrounds offer a wide selection of overnight stay options for guests and the newly wedded couple. Many also provide transportation to and from venues.

Area entertainment includes obvious choices such as hiking and nature exploration, with a variety of trails, natural attractions, and wildlife. There are also ample opportunities for picnics and scenic drives. However, Gatlinburg is also host to a variety of distilleries, wineries, restaurants, shopping opportunities, and music venues. For kids and the young-at-heart, there are amusement parks, mini golf, swimming, and museums. Gatlinburg is a natural wonder with an abundance of indoor diversions for a rainy day. 




Traditionally, couples depart the wedding festivities and travel to their honeymoons, but in Gatlinburg, there is no need. Couples can find romantic, private getaway options a step away from the wedding venue. This cuts down on the cost and stress of travel. Moreover, it maximizes a couple’s time together. 


Natural Attraction


Gatlinburg is a mountain village dedicated to its natural resources. Snuggled at the ridge of Smoky Mountains, there is no shortage of guided walks, zip lines, sightseeing trams, and ski lifts that promise a view of unhindered natural beauty. Visit the famous Ober Gatlinburg Amusement Park and Ski Area, the Gatlinburg Space Needle, or take a ride along the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. 

Baskin Creek Falls, Cataract, Grotto Falls, and the Ramsey Cascades are just a few of the natural wonders of the areas cool mountain creeks. They also make fantastic backdrops for wedding party photos. Marked nature trails offer a variety of challenges for guests looking to get a bit of exercise or relaxation before the big moment. 


A Gatlinburg Wedding


When it comes to planning your big day, you want it to be as special as the bond you share with your loved one. You also want it to be memorable, unique, and a treat for all those invited to share in the festivities. Gatlinburg offers the perfect blend of mountaintop magic and southern charm. As a popular wedding location, locals are experienced in planning and executing wedding parties of all sorts. Moreover, there is a vast array of local options for everything from the bouquet to the honeymoon suite. 

However, the true perfection of a mountain wedding isn’t derived from perfect planning. Gatlinburg is a picture-perfect location that has a little of everything. It will please the outdoor-loving individual as much as the avid shopper. Before you settle into a run-of-the-mill venue in the town you grew up in, take a look at what you'll get out of a Gatlinburg wedding!