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Loco Burro Restaurant in Gatlinburg TN

Review – Loco Burro Restaurant

DATE : December 30, 2015

Sitting right over the main drag in downtown Gatlinburg (on Parkway) resides a Mexican restaurant unlike any you have probably ever visited. To say Loco Burro is fun is an understatement. In addition to great food, Loco Burro delivers great times.

Located at 735 Parkway, you have to climb stairs to get to the restaurant, which occupies the top two floors of the building in which it is located. This includes a rooftop level as well as a balcony area with fantastic views overlooking the street. The interior decorating is bright and irreverent. The place drips fun.

Of course, it doesn't matter how fun a restaurant is if the food is not good. Luckily, Loco Burro delivers. This is food best described as "Tex Mex." Dining begins with tortilla chips and three different types of salsa. The salsas were delicious, and it was nice being able to sample different types.

One party consisted of two adults and two children. One of the adults had the pollo diablo (and when they "diablo" they mean "DIABLO"!). The dish consisted of a mesquite grilled chicken breast topped with roasted poblanos, salsa and melted Mexican cheese, and served over a bed of sweet peppers. It was delicious...and hot! Make sure you have a drink.

The other adult in our party had a chimichanga stuffed with shredded chicken and a shredded Mexican cheese blend. The chimichanga was devoured in minutes. It was served with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. Both adult meals were served with rice and beans.

The two children had grilled chicken fajitas. The meat was tender and delicious, and the grilled onions and peppers had a wonderful flavor. We had the fresh-pressed flour tortillas, which were very fresh, with nice consistency.

The kids in our party, by the way, could not wait to ride the donkey. There is an automated bucking donkey machine for kids to ride. We did have some confusion about how exactly to ride the machine, but once we figured it out, the people running it were very nice and gave the children multiple opportunities to get back on after being bucked off.

All in all, we enjoyed our dining experience at Loco Burro immensely. It seems like this would be a great place for a date, or for the family (maybe not the best place for an important business meeting). We also love the location. After eating, we strolled down the steps and were right back in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg, ready for our next adventure.